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A Natural Approach to Healing

ThaiNamic offers various therapies that not only help remedy and prevent reoccurring injuries but also give you a higher level of energy. We aim to provide therapeutic bodywork to renew and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. Our regular clients are not limited to NPC & IFBB competitors prepping for shows or endurance athletes training for events such as the marathons and IronMan competitions, but also comprise of people such as office ninjas facing ergonomic battles. With our background and knowledge of various modalities, we are a wise choice for your therapeutic needs. You will walk away from our sessions with your inner balance restored and body relaxed.

Allan is a master at what he does. Not only is he good at explaining, his technique goes deeply. If change to the condition/chief complaint is the desired outcome, then Allan is the guy!!!! All the while, patients must realize they should do their part to support changes and heed Allan’s advice, if offered. Bravo!!!!!

Kimberley W.

April 2022

This was one of the best massages I’ve had in awhile. I was having some serious tightness/pain in my shoulder and wanted to get it stretched out and that I did. Renu knew exactly what to do. It was the perfect amount of relaxation. The dynamic cupping was an amazing addition to an already Incredible massage, my muscles relaxed even more. I would recommend this massage to anyone who has a lot of muscle and just needs do one to get in there and relax everything. 

Sydney M.

July 2022

Best massage ever! Renu was incredibly kind and thorough during my 90 minute Thainamic session. I came in with excruciating neck pain and walked out feeling better than ever. I will definitely be back!

Chelsea K.

August 2022

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